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“Co-Inception Leadership™” speaks to the different kinds of leadership that we see emerging in our new, complex and fast-paced reality.

Have you embraced nature yet?

Over the past seven years, i have brought numerous people to the beautiful Himalayas in Nepal. Initially my project started in Buthan after i had attended a couple of workshops with the MIT Business school teachers Peter Senge and Otto Sharmer, who were studying the country’s “National Index of Happiness”. This index attempts to measure […]

TGN Vision

We partner with organizations, teams and individuals to accelerate their results in alignment with their intended identity and business strategy. We anticipate and monitor the transitions that lead to a thriving environment. We co-create the process of change in a spirit of simplicity and value, offering each client a unique combination of services.

To help rebuild Nepal after the devastating earthquake of April 2015, we have co-created with former clients of Legacy Odyssey Coaching and new friends of Nepal a new nonprofit association called “Altruistic Odyssey.” After sending tents and tools in June and paying for carpenters salaries, in November we identified approximately ten projects we are willing to support in 2016. Please check our websites or our Facebook community page

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